Suitable for loading and unloading goods in containers of 45 tons, TEREX is a motorized machine that can handle 20 containers an hour to satisfy all customers. This is the initiative of Global Port Service Burundi (GPSB) to modernize the port of Bujumbura.

“Time is money”. The dealer company of the port of Bujumbura- GPSB has understood that English maxim; and has therefore brought TEREX to facilitate handling operations. “With the new machine, the importer saves time”, Pacifique Sibomana’s testimony, secretary general of the Federal Chamber of Business and Industry of Burundi (FCBIB).
GPSB company is doubly satisfied with TEREX services. First, the company is at its customers’ service , and once these customers are satisfied with the TEREX services, then the GPSB is satisfied. Moreover, before starting using the TEREX, handling goods was not easy. GPSB was using  three operators on a machine called “Pinguery”; but with the new machine, the company employs only one operator, says Jésus-Marie Uwimana, Engineer and Head of technical service at GPSB . Above all, GPSB is satisfied with the TELEX charges.
GPSB can only be in its turn.

Note that the port of Bujumbura has to handle at least 980 discharged tons per day; a work that has been simplified by TEREX: a revolution then at the port of Bujumbura with TEREX.