Global Port Services Burundi (GPSB), the dealer of that port, has decided to set up a firefighters team to prevent and even fight against fire when broken out.
“The purpose of preventing is the one that has pushed us to set up this great team,” said the Director General of the GPSB, Bonaventure Sinzobakwira on Friday November 18th.
According to him, the establishment of this fire-fighters brigade was highly necessary as 920 tons are unloaded every day, either 500 thousand tons per year in the 9 hangars of the port storage. The initiative has come to strengthen the customers’ goods security. Let us mention that GPSB has installed several surveillance cameras with a sentinels team; day and night.

Modernizing the port
The establishment of the firefighters team is one of the activities that are part of the modernization of the port of Bujumbura to meet the needs of all its users. GPSB has already renewed its unloading equipment for heavy weights. It is now equipped with several handling machines: 4 titan cranes of 4.5 tons, 1 derrick of 50 tons, 1 Pinguely of 80 tons, 1 Terrex of 45 tons, 9 trolleys Hyster of 4.5 tons, 1 Kalmar Of 25 tons, 1 Taylor of 29 tons.
As a matter of fact, the port of Bujumbura is the only one equipped on the shore of Tanganyika to receive more goods; after the port of Dar-Es-Salam. This is a strategic point to develop trade in the northern axis; and even central of the Great Lakes region.
GPSB customers are offered diversified services: handling goods arriving by boat or truck, unloading and loading, weighing of goods, stocks, towing/mooring of empty or full vessels, guarding of all their customers goods and some others. It provides reliable service with its professional staff: 171 employees deployed in departments as needed.
Note also that GPSB has developed partnerships with other institutions: a decentralized bureau of Burundi Office of Revenue to the in-house, banks and declarants’ offices, etc.