The unloading services at the port of Bujumbura are multiple and varied depending on the nature and weight of the goods. GPSB as the dealer company has a range of gears well-adapted to each task for a better service of its customers.

“We believe we are well equipped to accomplish all the tasks and services of a modern port. In fact, the port of Bujumbura is the largest and most equipped port on Lake Tanganyika”, resources from the GPSB.
This is not a self-glorification at all. As a proof: the company loads a total of 980 tons of diverse merchandises per day; and it has always been up to the task.
To handle all this volume, in addition to the 45T TEREX- Chariot for lifting containers of all dimensions, GPSB owns 9 small 4.5 ton forklift trucks. These are used for unloading trucks and for placing goods on pallets destined to enter the storage hangars.
GPSB also operates “KARMAR”, a machine of 25 tons of capacity. Apart from that, GPSB also uses “TAYLOR” with a capacity of 20 tons. All these machines have forks to unload the 20-foot containers.

Port wharf cranes

The GPSB has also a mobile wheeling crane “PINGUELY”, a crane adapted to the packaging of various weights up to 80 tons. It has also four “TITAN” brand dock cranes used in the unloading of goods arriving by boat with a capacity of 4.5 tons each.

Lastly, the port of Bujumbura has a “DERRICK” brand fixed crane with a capacity of 50 tons for handling heavy containers and packages arriving by boat.

Note that the GPSB machines can be rented by customers who would prefer them for their efficiency and robustness.